The Joy of… Resilience


You made it! Do you know anyone in New England who hasn’t had a tough winter?  Just weathering the endless, record-setting snowstorms and the weeks of commuting horrors would be enough to wear anyone down. But it seems that an unusual number of people have weathered personal and professional storms as well, adding to the toll this winter has taken on these weary souls.

More than anything, though, I’m struck by just how optimistic and resilient most people have been. Rather than wallowing in their miseries, they’ve been telling wild stories of their adventures shoveling off their roofs or heartwarming tales of how neighbors took care of one another. Even those who spoke of their hours-long waits for buses to arrive in subfreezing temperatures did so with the spirit of warriors who had survived a battle to fight another day.

And as the days are getting longer and we are getting brief glimpses of warmer temperatures to come, we are looking forward more than back.  In fact, the miseries of the winter are making anticipation of the spring that is sure to come eventually all the sweeter. The other day, as I climbed a snow bank to put money in the parking meter and had to hold on so I wouldn’t be blown off the icy mound, my primary thought was that the worst is behind us and some delightful weather is just around the corner.

Let the storms you’ve faced in the past make the quieter times all the more delightful for you as well. Nothing like a good storm to make us all appreciate a calm, sunny day – both literally and metaphorically. Be sure to savor the next one that comes your way.

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