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Strategy and Management Consulting

Nurture a Positive, Productive Workplace

Consulting Testimonial

Your business is only as strong as the vision, skills, and commitment of the people who work there and the systems in place to support their extraordinary performance. We work with you to create strategic goals, align your actions with your priorities, and match the needs of your organization with the skills, talents, and passions of your workforce in order to create a positive and productive workplace.

Strategic Planning and Implementation Support

Everything you do flows from your organization’s purpose to move you toward fulfilling your vision of success. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s going to be hard to get there. With our purpose-driven strategic planning process, you can set clear goals and put the people and procedures in place to achieve them.

We work with you to refine your mission, create a breathtaking vision, and develop strategies that help you thrive in an environment of constant change.

Specific Services Include:

  • Strategic planning process design, development, and implementation support
  • Management consulting to ensure you have the needed talent and systems in place to execute your strategy
  • Inspired retreat planning and facilitation to engage key constituents
  • Professional development programs to prepare your workforce for effective engagement and execution
  • Coaching for individuals and high performing teams

Communications Strategy

The most elegant strategy is of no use if everyone in your organization doesn’t know what’s in it. We help you align what you say with what you do so your whole team is rowing in the same direction to get you where you want to go.  Your communications plan will ensure that your people know the organization’s goals and their role in achieving them.

Talent Deployment and Team Building

Your people are your greatest asset. Are the members of your team consistently positive and productive – eager to take on new challenges? Do you need to rally  support for a new initiative?  We can help you make sure you have the right people for the job – empowered with the knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding results.

Task Mapping Assessment™ and Talent Realignment Process

Our proven methods, featured in Harvard Business Review, allow you to visualize how well your employees’ responsibilities match their skills and interests, creating clarity about what you need to achieve alignment. Read More

Professional Development

Whether you are leading your own team or influencing others in your organization, our courses and workshops provide you with the inspiration and tools necessary to get the job done. Read More

Governance, Decision-Making, and Accountability

Does your organization have the structures in place to set priorities, make decisions, and allocate resources to support key initiatives? Even the most talented individuals can fail to achieve their goals when their organization lacks a clear accountability structure and a well understood process for getting work done.

We Advise On:

  • Optimizing the composition and performance of your board of trustees/directors
  • Clarifying and communicating organizational priorities
  • Evaluating organizational structure
  • Developing effective decision-making processes
  • Establishing board development programs

ARA Assessment Tools

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