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Allison Rimm and Associates offers executive coaching, professional development, and consulting services to help you achieve purpose-driven results with a joyfully engaged, empowered team.


Allison Rimm

Strategy and Management Consulting

Clarify your goals, create a strategic plan to achieve them, and align your people and processes to deliver extraordinary business results.

Executive Coaching

Optimize your leadership style, ability to manage people and projects, influence, balance and fulfillment.

Professional and Leadership Development

Empower your workforce with our courses and
workshops that teach the skills and insights needed to be effective, strategic, inspired and engaged.

Individual Coaching

Focused attention and encouragement to set personal and professional goals and make them a reality.

Allison Rimm

The Joy of Strategy

A Business Plan for Life – Your life is serious business, but who says you can’t find joy along the way? The Joy of Strategy combines conventional business techniques with unconventional wisdom to guide you through creating a business plan for your life.



Another thoughtful and insightful newsletter infused with positivity. So many difficult issues we can all relate to along with strategies and positive attitudes for all.
My annual review is coming up so I pulled out the Joy of Strategy again. I go through it page by page about a month before my annual review and it has served me well.
Thank you so much for an amazing webinar! There were so many great takeaways that will be helpful for everyone, no matter where they are in life.
Thank you so much for this gem of a book. I’m only a few pages in and you’ve inspired me and lit the fire deep in my soul. You’ve touched my life.
Many thanks for your excellent and timely book. I devour each page, adding notes and highlights along the way, and dive into the exercises.
Thank you so much for your guidance in planning and facilitating our retreat. The day was a success and we are excited and energized by the experience.
Working with you to develop our vision statement was a revelation. Our ability to articulate what we want to accomplish gave our organization the focus we needed.
The tools and experiences you provided set the groundwork for real exploration and positive change. I appreciated your expertise, humor and candor.
The program provided sound principles of strategic planning. It helped put concepts into actionable implementation. The instructor’s experience was valuable.
I can only describe Allison’s courses as life-changing…I highly recommend the Business of Life to anyone who wants to create a strategic plan.
I loved this course. I am so happy I work at an institution that values individuals enough to offer such a wonderful opportunity to its employees.

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