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The Joy of Strategy

The Joy of Strategy by Allison Rimm

A Business Plan for Life – Your life is serious business, but who says you can’t find joy along the way? The Joy of Strategy combines conventional business techniques with unconventional wisdom to guide you through creating a business plan for your life.

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  • We help you cut through the clutter, identify your priorities, and rally the resources needed to succeed in what matters most
  • We provide ongoing support to make your personal and professional goals a reality
  • We coach you through creating new programs and organizations to turn your ideas into action that makes a difference
  • We provide training for emerging and seasoned leaders across a wide variety of industries with especially deep expertise in healthcare, IT, education, and law/law enforcement
  • We help you find joy and have some fun!


  • Thank you so much for this gem of a book. I'm only a few pages in and you've inspired me and lit the fire deep in my soul. You've touched my life and I want to thank you! Continue shining!


  • Many thanks for your excellent and timely book. I devour each page, adding notes & highlights along the way, and dive into the exercises. So helpful and so needed at this juncture in my life.


  • I wanted to write a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your interview last week on NPR. Listening to your interview lit a fire inside to rev up my engines and recommit to the film's mission—and I wanted to thank you.


  • I just wanted to personally express to you how much I got out of that task mapping article. When I read that it hit me in the face like a ton a bricks. It is such a fun and masterful framework to implement in my company.


  • But, what really impressed me was that you were able to agree with every point presented to you, never contradicting anyone. I don't know if that is a learned or a natural trait of yours (or a natural skill that you have developed to make a valuable contribution). It's a powerful skill for a coach and a lovely way to be in the world. Benjamin Franklin talked about it in his autobiography.


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