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Strategy and Management Consulting Testimonials

I have just finished reviewing the report of the strategic planning process. Without question, this is the best thing I have seen done in my 16 years at MGH. This is truly a blueprint for the future. It is relevant, succinct, logical and doable. I am thrilled at the thought of us now pursuing these visions. Carpe diem.

Allison Rimm is a black belt in strategic planning.

Thank you so much for your guidance in planning and facilitating our retreat. The day was a success and we are excited and energized by the experience. You delivered so much more than promised and we couldn’t have done this without you.

Working with you to develop our vision statement was a revelation. Our ability to articulate what we want to accomplish gave our organization the focus we needed to define our goals and take action to achieve them.

Executive Coaching Testimonials

The Department of Medicine is more cohesive and engaged than ever. I could not have achieved this transformation without Allison’s invaluable counseling and advice. Her extraordinary insights have helped propel my leadership and influence to the next level in all realms: within the department, across the hospital, and system-wide.

Dr. Robert Faillace

Chair of Medicine

Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital

Working with Allison Rimm as an executive coach means having private consultations with my own senior VP who knows how to get things done in complex organizations. With her expert guidance, I am strategizing solutions to the most urgent and difficult institution-wide challenges that have been vexing me for years. Being able to count on her wise and compassionate advice has been invaluable.

Courses and Workshops Testimonials

Thank you so much for an amazing webinar! There were so many great takeaways that will be helpful for everyone, no matter where they are in life. It was wonderful to see people join us from Antigua, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Toronto, Cape Town and around the US. We really appreciate your time and sharing of your expertise—I know this will bring more joy and purpose to our lives, something that is even more important in this time.

I can only describe Allison’s courses as life-changing…I highly recommend the Business of Life to anyone who wants to create a strategic plan, be it business or personal. That will set you up for success so you will realize your vision.

Wonderful instructor with knowledge and warmth, which is an unusual, welcome combination in a busy, stressful… environment.

I loved this course. I am so happy I work at an institution that values individuals enough to offer such a wonderful opportunity to its employees. This class has helped me in so many ways.

I have truly enjoyed this class. You are a true role model and I have been inspired by your approach to work and life in general. I find myself applying your principles to my work and personal life daily. I have five strategies that I have already started to implement and I believe they will help me achieve my vision. I feel lucky to have been selected to attend this class and I feel even luckier to have met you and gotten to know you.

Can this continue? I need lifetime enrollment in this course!

Speaking Testimonials

Allison Rimm is simply the finest speaker I have ever heard … I never miss an opportunity to attend her workshops and lectures.

Allison clearly loves what she does. I found her lively, inspiring and humorous. Thank you for an amazing experience!

The tools and experiences you provided set the groundwork for real exploration and positive change. I appreciated your expertise, humor and candor.

The program provided sound principles of strategic planning. It helped put concepts into practical, actionable implementation. The instructor’s experience was extremely valuable.

Allison brought insight, tools and compassion to the process of how to think strategically.

Individual Coaching Testimonials

Another thoughtful and insightful newsletter infused with positivity. So many difficult issues we can all relate to along with strategies and positive attitudes for all to be able to access and apply. … Reading your newsletter leaves me feeling hopeful and mindful, (there are a lot of “fuls” here! :))

Within minutes of beginning my coaching session with Allison, I knew I had stumbled upon someone whose insights, vision and clarity of thought were unparalleled. For starters, she was the kind of non-judgmental listener I needed. Rather than apply a formulaic or recursive analysis to my own particular dilemma, Allison was drawing upon a wealth of her own professional and managerial experience to offer the kind of no-nonsense feedback I needed. All of that made it possible to get the job I hadn’t even dared to dream of.

Please know that your support, wisdom and enthusiasm inspired me to believe it could be done. You really made me do the work to believe it could happen (to open my own business) and it did happen. You have the gift of bringing forward the dreams of others, making their dreams come alive. With your help the bookstore seed got watered and now grows.

Hiring Allison Rimm as my coach is simply one of the best investments I’ve ever made. With her direction, I was able to clearly define and outline my personal and professional goals, prepare for every aspect of the interview process, and successfully negotiate an excellent contract that at first seemed out of reach. Besides a financial return worth many times the price of coaching, Allison’s warmth, humor, insight, and constant reassurances made the whole process rewarding and a pleasure from start to finish.

Book Testimonials

My annual review is coming up so I pulled out the Joy of Strategy again. I go through it page by page about a month before my annual review. I re-do all of the exercises—vision/mission/etc.—and it has served me so well!!! In fact,… given that all of our society meetings are now on Zoom, I am ordering 100 Joy of Strategy books to send to our fantastic group. I hope they re-read it yearly like I do. We love you Allison and your message/approach!!

Thank you so much for this gem of a book. I’m only a few pages in and you’ve inspired me and lit the fire deep in my soul. You’ve touched my life and I want to thank you! Continue shining!

Many thanks for your excellent and timely book. I devour each page, adding notes & highlights along the way, and dive into the exercises. So helpful and so needed at this juncture in my life.

When I first picked up The Joy of Strategy to read as a course requirement, I thought, “I will just get through it so I can be prepared for class.” But once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. It has already been helpful in framing the way I think about new projects and overall life decisions. I recommend this book to professors who wish to help students really tap into what they want most for their careers and lives.

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