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It takes a lot of energy to keep on keeping on, no matter how mission-driven you may be and how shiny your vision is. We’re busy keeping up with myriad tasks, deadlines, and commitments. And when you, like everyone else I know, faces the occasional setback, it can be hard to pick yourself up and try again. I’ve heard from my fellow entrepreneurs that can be especially hard if you work on your own and are feeling isolated for much of the workday.

I know just what they mean. What I miss most about working in large organizations is being surrounded by smart people and sharing insights & expertise. Not to mention the clever and witty conversations. As I write for Harvard Business Review on creating joy in the workplace, it seemed only appropriate that I should create more of my own.  So I have. And you can join me!

It is my great joy and pleasure that to announce that Allison Rimm and Associates has moved into new offices at One Holden Street in Brookline Village, conveniently located right next to Town Hall, near public transportation, parking, great shops and restaurants. The space is terrific, but buildings don’t bring joy on their own. Great people do.

On that score, I couldn’t be luckier to have as my partner in crime, Susan Silberberg, who is principal at CivicMoxie and Fairsted Advisors, Lecturer at MIT, and a Tedx speaker. She’s been a dear friend and trusted advisor for years and I couldn’t be more thrilled. And, fortuitously, if you’re going to take on space that needs renovations, there’s no better partner than an architect with beautiful design sensibility!

Originally, we had planned to just co-locate our firms so we could share each other’s company, a conference room and other resources. But when we found this great space that would accommodate several more people, we realized we could create that joyful workplace we both craved by bringing in more talented, dedicated professionals to share those water cooler conversations we’ve been missing.

And so, workSwell collaborative was born.

WorkSwell Allison RimmIn addition to space for our two firms, we have six beautiful workspaces designed to optimize comfort and productivity in a warm and supportive environment. As Susan and I started to share our vision with area professionals to gauge their interest in the space, we mentioned our intention to create networking and professional development opportunities. Interest has been high for the workspaces, but almost universal for the professional community we are creating. As a result, workSwell collaborative will also offer memberships in our supportive community with a variety of professional development events, networking and coaching opportunities.

Are you in?  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE and to inquire about renting space and professional community membership options.

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