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Executive Coaching

Whether you are a seasoned executive or are taking on a new leadership challenge, we help you optimize your leadership style, improve your ability to manage people and projects, and increase your influence on the job.


  • Enhance your ability to lead teams, motivate people, and improve operating results
  • Gain skills in creating your vision of success and plans to achieve it
  • Build your leadership skills tailored to your specific needs
  • Improve communication skills and your ability to influence key decisions
  • Increase your self-awareness & self awareness within your organization’s culture
  • Develop a clear, actionable plan based on data and your personal/professional goals

Our Approach

Our approach to coaching is results-oriented and custom designed to meet your unique challenges. We help you identify your priorities and rally the resources needed to succeed in what matters most. And we support you with skill and compassion throughout the process.

We conduct a thorough intake to refine your objectives and determine current status relative to each one.

Your detailed baseline evaluation may include a 360° evaluation or other assessments and an analysis of what you need to conquer your goals considering needed skills, behaviors, experience/exposure, and relationship.

Informed by the results of the assessment, we create a personal strategic plan tailored to achieve your objectives. From there, we will identify your priorities, set specific goals, and create strategies to achieve each one

We will develop a strategy for each of your prioritized goals through a combination working through real work situations/projects, simulated scenarios, and other leadership development training as appropriate.

We set objective metrics where feasible and track your progress throughout the engagement. Your results depend on your effort, ability to accept feedback, and willingness to make real change.

We will challenge you to question the assumptions that limit your potential and look for innovative approaches that open new horizons and unleash new possibilities. We lean on our well-honed leadership and executive expertise to help you create a strategic plan geared to get you the results you desire at work and at home.

Contact Allison Rimm & Associates today for a complimentary consultation about a coaching plan designed especially to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.