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The Joy of… Coworking

More than any year, I am so excited to see what 2016 holds in store for my work life. This has been a year dedicated to building a new coworking space that optimizes peace and joy along with exceptional business results. This is the vision I write about extensively and work with my clients to achieve. It seems only fitting that I work toward fulfilling that vision for my own business. Creating our great new coworking space has been an experience layered with the usual challenges of renovating new space and the joys of working with a wonderful partner to solve problems and celebrate our triumphs. It is such a blessing to come to a beautiful office every day where I enjoy the autonomy of running my own firm AND the company of other extraordinary professionals.

It has been great experience in ways both predicted and unexpected. As hoped, it’s been wonderful to have smart people with different expertise and experiences to bounce around ideas and brainstorm solutions to thorny problems. What I hadn’t expected was that having friendly colleagues onsite would actually contribute some real balance to my work habits. Last Friday evening, Susan told me that it was time to knock off for her company’s holiday party. She was not impressed with my usual reply – “I just need to finish (fill in your semi-urgent task here) and I’ll be right with you.” She gave me a stern look and ten minutes to get it done. She was right and we had a wonderful time.

Balance. Joy. Sometimes we all need a little help getting what we set out to achieve. As you look forward to the coming year, may you have the inspiration and determination to bring your own vision of success into reality. And some caring colleagues to hold you to it.

I wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and of course, joyful New Year. Cheers to you!!