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Task Mapping Assessment™

Leverage Your Team’s Talents to Boost Passion and Productivity

Do you have the right people on the job? Are those people deployed optimally? Could you delegate more effectively? To help you answer those questions, we will use our specialized tool that allows you to visualize how well your employees’ responsibilities are matched with their talents using our proven Task Mapping Assessment™ and Talent Realignment Process. This powerful program will help you identify each person’s abilities and interests. When you assign people work that leverages their talents and gives them ample opportunity to work on projects they enjoy, you create an environment that nurtures passion and sustained high performance while reducing turnover.  If you find yourself needing to delegate more tasks, this process helps you identify how to leverage your team members’ skills and spread your group’s workload more evenly.

Task Mapping Process 4-9-14

ARA Task Mapping Assessment & Talent Realignment: A Case Study

Helen, the head of Human Resources for a large, complex organization, sought me out for consultation when she realized her leadership team was performing inconsistently and their engagement was dwindling. After conducting a skills assessment and a 360° Evaluation Assessment™ for each of her team members to identify their talents and interests, we created a task map.

Helen could immediately visualize the gaps and redundancies in her directors’ skill set and could see that some peoples’ talents and interests were misaligned with their current workload. For example, as the task map to the left indicates, Alex’s strengths were best suited for Chris’ work while Chris’ skills were a better match for Alex’s duties. Helen used this knowledge to involve her team in creating a plan to redistribute responsibilities and created two new positions to fill a skills gap the Task Mapping exercise revealed.

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In less than a year, Helen’s key customers reported increased satisfaction, her leadership team was turning out a more consistent performance, and collaboration had replaced much of the competition among her directors. We drew the revised task map to the right to visualize the changes. The vastly simplified map clearly showed vast improvements in staff deployment. As important, she now has a tool for assessing her team’s performance that will allow her to identify issues sooner and act before problems arise.

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