Guest Post: One Change You Can Make That Will Give Your Work Meaning

By Patti Johnson, CEO PeopleResults ‘There are some big changes ahead’. ‘We’ll be changing your role next month.’ Change is a word with some baggage. But, what if the change is something you want in your life? Change can be filled with opportunities and possibilities. In my new book, Make Waves I describe lasting change as a… read more

Never Postpone Joy

As I’ve been working with my coaching and consulting clients to set and achieve their personal and professional goals, we’ve been very busy keeping our eyes on the prize. That’s a good thing. But… that’s not the only thing. Yes, it is crucial to set goals and make a plan if you want to optimize… read more


The world celebrated the first International Day of Happiness earlier this week, launched by all 193 UN member states.  The UN declared this day to bring attention to the importance of using better measures of society’s wellbeing than just Gross Domestic Product.  Surely, economic security is important to ensuring fundamental wellbeing and poverty is still… read more