The Joy of… Frank Feedback

“You worry too much”, my friend and business partner, Susan told me one day when I fretted that our air conditioner had just blown a fuse in our new office space. And she was right. I immediately worried that we didn’t have enough electrical power to support our new collaborative workspace, the wifi wouldn’t be… read more

Joy of … Crutches?!

Normally in the autumn, I am running to keep up with the workload. This year, not so much. It’s more like hobbling to keep up. I’ve literally worked myself to the bone and the cartilage in my right hip is completely gone. As the arthritis has advanced, my mobility has decreased and my dependency on… read more

Guest Post: One Change You Can Make That Will Give Your Work Meaning

By Patti Johnson, CEO PeopleResults ‘There are some big changes ahead’. ‘We’ll be changing your role next month.’ Change is a word with some baggage. But, what if the change is something you want in your life? Change can be filled with opportunities and possibilities. In my new book, Make Waves I describe lasting change as a… read more