Energy wants to move.  Rivers want to flow. When that flow gets cut off, the pressure mounts until the dam bursts and floods ensue.  As I sit here writing at 4:15 in the afternoon, I’m still wearing the workout clothes I donned at six this morning when I was “just” going to stop in my… read more

Never Postpone Joy

As I’ve been working with my coaching and consulting clients to set and achieve their personal and professional goals, we’ve been very busy keeping our eyes on the prize. That’s a good thing. But… that’s not the only thing. Yes, it is crucial to set goals and make a plan if you want to optimize… read more

The Gift of Giving… Of Yourself

You Get What You Give Charitable giving is surely a major highlight of the holiday season as fundraisers and procrastinators scramble to take advantage of tax deductions before the year runs out. Sharing our financial resources is indeed an important way to give back and many worthy organizations depend on that generosity. When you give… read more