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Allison Rimm and Associates in the Media

On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Who Needs a Life Coach? Listen as Allison joins NPR On Point’s Tom Ashbrook and panelists, Genevieve Smith, and Dr. David Ley for a segment on the value of hiring a coach.

Radio Boston on WBUR

Project Louise: Why It’s Important to Look Forward to Exercising. Listen as Allison discusses coaching Louise Kennedy in her year-long quest to get healthier featured on WBUR CommonHealth’s Project Louise. Also guest airing Louise Kennedy, Carey Goldberg and hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti.

What @ Risk Show #70 Segment #1. W@R on WBZ News Radio 1030 revisits our conversation about the business of life with Allison Rimm, VP Strategic Planning & Management at Mass General Hospital and President of Allison Rimm and Associates.

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