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Allison Rimm and Associates in the Media

On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Who Needs a Life Coach? Listen as Allison joins NPR On Point’s Tom Ashbrook and panelists, Genevieve Smith, and Dr. David Ley for a segment on the value of hiring a coach.

Radio Boston on WBUR

Project Louise: Why It’s Important to Look Forward to Exercising. Listen as Allison discusses coaching Louise Kennedy in her year-long quest to get healthier featured on WBUR CommonHealth’s Project Louise. Also guest airing Louise Kennedy, Carey Goldberg and hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti.

Success Magazine Allison Rimm

How to Make a Business Plan for Your Life. Consultant and author Allison Rimm gives you the steps to achieve goals—from career success to a healthy spirit—in The Joy of Strategy.

sky radio interview with Allison Rimm

Allison Rimm Discusses The Joy of Strategy on GPS Your Career. Download and listen to Allison Rimm’s interview with Bonnie Marcus on GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success. Allison reveals the steps she outlines in her book, The Joy of Strategy; A Business Plan for Life.

What @ Risk Show #70 Segment #1. W@R on WBZ News Radio 1030 revisits our conversation about the business of life with Allison Rimm, VP Strategic Planning & Management at Mass General Hospital and President of Allison Rimm and Associates.

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