Leadership Development Course Keeps Physician from Hanging Up Her Stethoscope

You are a bright, accomplished professional whose accomplishments have been rewarded with a promotion into a leadership position. But, the training that made you successful as a physician, lawyer, engineer, architect, etc. has not prepared you to lead and inspire others. If you’re like countless others in this situation, your great performance put you in… read more

Engaging Employees In Creative Cost Cutting Inspired by Project Runway

You can’t work in this economic climate and not feel the unrelenting pressure to increase your value proposition by decreasing costs while improving service delivery and quality. If leaders wait for the budget axe to fall, they may be forced to make ill-advised decisions in order to cut costs quickly, leaving a lot of carnage… read more

Board Meeting Management

Steven is responsible for managing the governance function of his physician practice. His board meetings involved over 30 physicians and managers each month spending two full hours listening to presentations with very little time left for them to provide input or engage in discussion. That’s a lot of high-priced talent that went untapped month after… read more

Creating a Strategic Vision Rockets Executive to her Destination

Sandra is a driven, goal oriented go-getter who always has more on her “to do” list than time to do it. As she learned when she took our Business of Life courses, creating a vision of success was the key to focusing herself and her team on priority activities. “I used all of your tools,… read more