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Director Boosts Productivity and Reduces Stress with Enhanced Project Management, Communications, and Delegation

Executive Time ManagementDoug is a highly valued division director with the potential to become a vice president in his large, complex organization. His boss provided an executive coach to help him to improve in the areas of meeting preparation, project management, and effective delegation. Using simple tools like a rolling agenda planner, white board, Gantt charts, time management techniques, and a prioritization template, he reports improvements in these areas are a “home run” that have led to great efficiencies and have all but eliminated important items from “falling between the cracks”. These systems have saved him a great deal of time and ensure that he uses his limited meeting time with key executives to address their highest priorities issues consistently and effectively. As important, these tools have reduced Doug’s anxiety and stress level by helping him stay on top of details and holding his staff accountable for doing the same.

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