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Creating a Strategic Vision Rockets Executive to her Destination

Strategic VisionSandra is a driven, goal oriented go-getter who always has more on her “to do” list than time to do it. As she learned when she took our Business of Life courses, creating a vision of success was the key to focusing herself and her team on priority activities.

“I used all of your tools, soup to nuts, to launch our non-profit organization, Infertility Within Reach, to give people a voice in infertility policy and other related issues. We created a mission and a vision statement, set goals and priorities and we set out what we were going to do get there. It was really by setting the vision and timelines that kept the whole project on track, month by month. Going back to my guiding principles and addressing this deeply felt need during my own fertility treatments gave me so much joy and purpose.

Now I do project plans for every one of the many projects I manage at work. Setting a vision for each one with my team has been so critical to our success at work. Once I have the team’s buy-in, we can set strategies to achieve it. The vision and project plans I learned from you keep people focused, making progress, and accountable for the results. I can’t imagine how I’d managed all these people and projects without these invaluable tools.

I had been pretty loose about my projects and several languished without that vision and the team’s full commitment to them. That’s how I was before your courses, but I don’t leave anything to chance any more. The vision statements for each project keeps everyone motivated and on track.”

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