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Board Meeting Management

Board Meeting ManagementSteven is responsible for managing the governance function of his physician practice. His board meetings involved over 30 physicians and managers each month spending two full hours listening to presentations with very little time left for them to provide input or engage in discussion. That’s a lot of high-priced talent that went untapped month after month: Not exactly effective asset management.

Steven learned methods to streamline information sharing with his directors in order to optimize the time spent in board meetings. He estimates the techniques we discussed save roughly 40% of time spent in meetings presenting information that could be provided in writing. With some improved agenda planning techniques that tie action and communication to their strategic plan, the directors are now enabled to share their insights and expertise on matters of lasting significance. Steven and his superiors are now reconsidering the number of physicians needed to provide sufficient representation so they can free up the other doctors’ precious time to allocate to other mission-critical activities, such as patient care and groundbreaking research.

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