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Allison’s Signature Business of Life Workshop

In this highly experiential program, participants apply the principles of strategic planning to achieve their personal and professional goals while deriving greater fulfillment from their lives. The core course introduces the key elements of strategy and the planning process. Students then apply these methods to projects related to their work and/or personal lives. In-class exercises give participants ample opportunity to practice these skills while creating a practical plan to make immediate progress on their priorities while experiencing joy along the way. Participants will:

  • Acquire a set of strategic planning tools to manage any project effectively
  • Create a personal and professional strategic plan
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Focus their actions on achieving the results that matter most
  • Develop plans to fulfill their vision and create balance in all parts of their lives
  • Learn about critical success factors for effective implementation
  • Relieve stress and have fun

Why the Business of Life is Right for Your Business

The success of any business depends on the performance of its employees. The level of skill and engagement they bring to work each day has a critical influence on their ability to make a consistent, positive contribution. Helping your staff to identify their strengths and passions and then harness that talent in the workplace ensures they will give their best effort in service of your organization’s mission. Maintaining an inspired workforce improves retention and reduces the high costs of turnover. Other benefits of this course include:

  • Team building
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased staff loyalty