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HBR Blog: To Guide Difficult Conversations, Try Using Compassion

Here is a link from my latest post for Harvard Business Review entitled, To Guide Difficult Conversations, Try Using Compassion.  One of the most common questions I get from clients and audiences is “How do I deal with conflict at work?”  What they are often really asking me is, “How can I avoid conflict at work?”  Unfortunately, since workplaces are made up with lots of other people, that is often not possible.  But we don’t have to roll over and just put up with others’ bad behavior.  We can confront that behavior without accusing the perpetrator of nefarious intent.  How can you take the sting out of confrontation?  Use compassion.

After reading the article, I’d love to see you comment on a situation you experienced at work where using compassion might have either changed the outcome or made the incident less unpleasant.

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