Lighting the Darkness: The Joy of a Positive Vision

More people this year than any other I can recall are eager to put 2016 behind them, saying it was a terrible year. Even more troubling, many are not looking forward to 2017 with the same kind of optimism about a fresh start that the clean slate of a new year usually invites. Most every… read more

The Joy of… Coworking

More than any year, I am so excited to see what 2016 holds in store for my work life. This has been a year dedicated to building a new coworking space that optimizes peace and joy along with exceptional business results. This is the vision I write about extensively and work with my clients to achieve. It seems only fitting… read more

The Joy of… Frank Feedback

“You worry too much”, my friend and business partner, Susan told me one day when I fretted that our air conditioner had just blown a fuse in our new office space. And she was right. I immediately worried that we didn’t have enough electrical power to support our new collaborative workspace, the wifi wouldn’t be… read more

HBR Article: How to Keep Support for Your Project from Evaporating

Even years later, I still consider it my biggest professional failure: a company-wide employee training program that I’d developed and put through several rounds of vetting was shot down at the last minute. It was a painful surprise, and it changed the way I’ve sought support for new initiatives ever since. As hospitals increasingly migrate their… read more

The Joy of… Resilience

You made it! Do you know anyone in New England who hasn’t had a tough winter?  Just weathering the endless, record-setting snowstorms and the weeks of commuting horrors would be enough to wear anyone down. But it seems that an unusual number of people have weathered personal and professional storms as well, adding to the… read more