A Business is only as strong and vibrant as the people who work there.
Allison Rimm and Associates develops a customized path to get your team where you need to go.

The Joy of Strategy

The Joy of Strategy by Allison Rimm

A Business Plan for Life – Your life is serious business, but who says you can’t find joy along the way? The Joy of Strategy combines conventional business techniques with unconventional wisdom to guide you through creating a business plan for your life.

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  • We help you cut through the clutter, identify your priorities, and rally the resources needed to succeed in what matters most
  • We provide ongoing support to make your personal and professional goals a reality
  • We coach you through creating new programs and organizations to turn your ideas into action that makes a difference
  • We provide training for emerging and seasoned leaders across a wide variety of industries with especially deep expertise in healthcare, IT, education, and law/law enforcement
  • We help you find joy and have some fun!


  • This is just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation for SMPS Boston on Wednesday. I am inspired by your insights and your accomplishments as a woman, mother, and professional.


  • I am thankful that my story has inspired others. But please know that your support, wisdom and enthusiasm inspired meto believe it could be done. You really made me do the work to bring it forward and believe it could happen and it did happen. You have the gift of bringing forward the dreams of others, making their dreams come alive. With your help the bookstore seed got watered and now grows.


  • Within minutes of beginning my coaching session with Allison, I knew I had stumbled upon someone whose insights, vision and clarity of thought were unparalleled. For starters, she was the kind of non-judgmental listener I needed. Rather than apply a formulaic or recursive analysis to my own particular dilemma, Allison was drawing upon a wealth of her own professional and managerial experience to offer the kind of no-nonsense feedback I needed.


  • It was wonderful to meet you, after both reading your book and hearing about you through the grapevine. Our conversation was both inspiring and daring - I felt, and continue to feel, a jolt of excitement about doing my work and imaging, enacting, my success.


  • 2014 has been a tremendous year of personal growth. Thanks for paving the way about three years ago.


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